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Machining A Solvent Trap

We bring the absolute best in solvent trap cleaning solutions. Our solvent traps are configurable, adaptive, durable, lightweight, affordable, and constructed of high-grade materials.

Our designs are built to last and delivered fast! We offer high-grade Solvent Trap Tube Kits and a customizable line-up.

More uses of solvent trap

If you thought, an fuel filter’s only potential is to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil then you probably want to think twice.

Solvent traps and fuel filters are now used as an alternate suppressor. Best thing is, it is way cheaper than the actual suppressor and you can do-it-yourself at home. You’ll probably have to spend only around $55 (+$200 stamp tax) for an oil filter suppressor compared to a standard suppressor which would cost you more $600 (+$200 stamp tax).

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Solvent Traps, Accessories and More!

Solventtrapshop is a distributor of reliable high-quality solvent traps, parts and accessories. Our products stretch from firearm cleaning kits to barrel devices, adapters and various firearm accessories. By choosing our company, you guarantee the best products, price points, and customer service!

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The Materials To Build A Suppressor

1.Metal Tubing

2.End Caps



All of the above accessories are available in my shop. We provide professional services and high-quality products.For their intended purpose, to capture solvent fluids while cleaning a rifle, of course they work, and they work well.As a suppressor they also work pretty well.

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